We’re Sterling Playmakers Radio (WSPR)

Here’s America’s newest Readers Theatre, where talented actors present dramatic oral interpretations of original broadcast programs from the Golden Age of American radio!

WSPR specializes in recreating The Golden Age of Radio and all the memories that go with it! Using the original scripts, WSPR offers hour-long presentations which can include samples of genre shows: Westerns, Detectives, Children Shows, and more, or full length titles from such series as The Mercury Theater On the Air, The Lux Radio Theatre, Escape, Suspense, and very many others. All programs are generally appropriate for all ages.

What type of Golden Age radio programs are available?

There is a rich variety of shows from which you can choose. These include hour long entertainment: Miracle on 34th Street, Sherlock Holmes, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life — and lots more. Plus, our Samplers gather together 2 to 4 shorter shows: Fibber McGee and Molly, Dragnet, Baby Snooks, The Lone Ranger, Superman….

Write to WSPR@sterlingplaymakers.com for information, choices, and dates!