Witness for the Prosecution (April 21,22,23,28,29,30 2017)

Performances: April 21,22,23,28,29,30 2017
Location: Seneca Ridge Middle School

Produced by Andrew Lee
Directed by Jen Lofquist

Agatha Christie is at her web-spinning best in this classic whodunit in three acts. Leonard Vole is in line to inherit everything after the death of the elderly — and very wealthy, Emily French, until he is put on trial for her murder. Worst of all, the prosecution’s star witness against him is his own wife, Romaine. Will defense attorney, Wilfrid Robarts, unravel the mystery and figure out who killed Miss French and save his client? Or is his client not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? You’ll just have to wait until the last scene to find out.

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The Cast (in order of appearance):

Carter: David Chappell
Greta: Shanna Christian
Mr. Mayhew: Dennis McCafferty
Leonard Vole: Kirk Windsor
Sir Wilfrid Robarts Q.C.: Phil Erickson
Inspector Hearne: Corey McGee
Detective: Jana Bonieskie
Romaine Vole: Dina Soltan
Woman Juror: Deborah Faroe
Foreman: Steve Schrader
Clerk: Bob Chaves
Mr. Justice Wainwright (Judge): Dean Miller
Mr. Meyers Q.C.: James McDaniel
Warder: Eric Fisher
Usher: Don O’Brien
Janet MacKenzie: Penny Hauffe
Dr. Wyatt: Roberta Chaves
Ms. Clegg: Stephanie Hearne
Policeman: Mike Brennan
Court Stenographer: Sonya Kalian
Barristers: Deirdre McCollum, Tom Barylski
Jurors: Gregg Carter, Sue O’Brien, Elizabeth Weiss, Becky Farris
Girl: Victoria Sova