What If — ? / What Then? A One-Act Festival (Sep 29, 30, Oct 1 2017)

Performances: Sept 29, 30, Oct 1 2017
Location: Sterling Middle School

Artistic Director: Bob Rosenberg

Join us for this One-Act Festival themed around sequels, continuations, or alternative endings of well-known plays. For example, what would have happened in Romeo and Juliet if Romeo had arrived at the tomb just as Juliet woke up? Of course, the source does not have to be Shakespeare!

Scripts must be original and should be 10-20 minutes long.

Entries must adhere to the theme indicated by the festival title, “What If — ? / What Then?” The idea is that each play must be based on an existing, reasonably well-known play; however, the new play must begin either a) near the end of the old play, but giving it a different ending or b) after the end of the old play, creating a mini-sequel to it.

Plays must be no shorter than ten minutes, and no longer than twenty minutes.

Set, lighting, and sound requirements must be minimal. For example, you may have just a few tables and chairs, and light the whole stage or just one side at a time. (This is consistent with all Playmakers one-act festivals, providing a quick transition from one play to the next.)

Plays must be rated PG or lower.

The genre of the new play does not need to match that of the old play: A tragedy can become a comedy or even a musical.

The use of older, public-domain plays is strongly encouraged, since that presents no possibility of copyright violation.

** Play summaries (no more than 500 words) will be due NLT Monday, March 6, 2017; please email them to me at bobqubed@gmail.com. We will review these and reply with comments.**

The full plays will be due NLT Monday, May 1, 2017.

Submitted plays will be subject to editing, and will be judged to decide which will be presented; the total running time of the winners should be not much over two hours (probably six to eight plays).

Keep checking back as we get closer to the date for more details.