Sterling Swordplayers

“Chivalrous to the Point of Idiocy”

–Captain Blood, screenplay by Casey Robinson, © Warner Brothers

The Swordplayers have something for everyone.
Come one, come all and make ye merry!

Is this how you have imagined yourself lo these many years or as you watch Lord of the Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean, or Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck? Then the Sterling Swordplayers is the perfect entertainment for you! From the Washington, DC. suburbs, the Sterling Swordplayers bring their own brand of unique comedy and entertainment to the Festivals and events across the Metro Washington Area.

Professionally trained in the art of stage combat and theater, the Swordplayers combine sword play with comedy, providing fun entertainment for families and children of all ages. If you are not careful you might just learn a thing or two about sword play and history from one of the troupeís performers!

Sterling Swordplayers offers unique entertainment for the whole family. Our activities are centered around our Sword Fighting shows, which many across the State of Virginia have enjoyed. In addition to the sword show, we also put on demonstration, hand out free balloon swords and dogs to the children, and provide free stamp-based “tattoos” for the kids.

We have performed at the following venues over the years (to name a few):

  • Virginia Scottish Festival, The Plains
  • Radford Highland Festival, Radford
  • Sterlingfest
  • Meadows Highland Games, Richmond
  • Front Royal Scottish Festival, Front Royal
  • Williamsburg Celtic Gathering, Williamsburg
  • Alexandria Waterfront Festival
  • Lexington Scots Irish Festival

Top Row: Jason Malm (The Squire),  Scott Ruegg (The Jester)
Front Row:
  Jason Schrader (The Squire), Allie Vignoli (Princess Petunia), Dee Dee Schrader (The Queen), Steve Schrader (Captain Morgan), Dan Clark (The Bandit), Leandra Lynn (Artistic Director)
Not Present: Darin Weisenberger, Kathleen Donovan, John Dennis Donovan, Kandi Malm (Asst. Producer)

Managing Director and Fight Choreographer:
Steve Schrader

Artistic Director:
Leandra Lynn