Play Readings

Do you have a favorite musical or play you would like us to perform? Are you looking for a venue to present an original work? Our season development committee is constantly seeking ideas and surveying demand for shows to perform. Sign up for a play reading to present your ideas, or simply host a play reading for a couple of hours of fun!

It’s easy to do! You pick the play, the guests bring the food! All you need is room for about a dozen or so Playmakers: living room, den, back porch, or a library meeting room! You can even work with a partner: they provide the location, you organize the reading. It’s a great way for Playmakers and their friends to get acquainted with new plays – possibly for future shows!

Contact John Geddie at or Colin Taylor at for availability, details, ideas for running the event, and even some play suggestions!

Upcoming Play Readings

None currently scheduled – contact us today!

What’s a “play reading” and why should I go? Well, a monthly play reading occurs at a Playmaker volunteer’s home to read a play or two that everyone then gets to critique and give feedback to the Board of Directors. The Board then reviews all of our forms and tries to see what we the membership body is excited about or think will be a good one for us to do one year. This is your ticket to get involved with some behind the scenes administration as well as enjoying a script. Many a ‘non-actor’ has come out to just listen in or to read a part, where they normally would never get on stage. Opens doors & educates us on different shows.

Can I only give feedback for shows at a play reading? Not at all! You can read plays on your own and submit a critique. As a matter of fact, we highly encourage this to keep the list of shows growing & diverse. They are all being reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to the next Season Selection so this is where your opinion can count!

Sterling Playmakers Play Selection

The Sterling Playmakers invites you to determine which plays you would like to see! We hold monthly play readings and provide you the opportunity to evaluate any play you wish by completing a play selection form. Feel free to send us your input, or attend one of our play readings. RSVP by sending an email.

We are always looking for new material – this is a great way to get involved with the group & have some theatre fun! We are looking for hosts for the fall and winter months.