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On That Note is a musical revue ensemble, typically numbering around 12 talented men and women at each performance.  Focusing on songs from musicals and movies, our programs feature many solos, duets, and small group numbers, as well as fully choreographed ensemble pieces.  Light scripting ties the program together with storyline details that enhance the experience.

Debuting in 2014, On That Note supports the Sterling Playmakers’ mission of providing high quality community theatre, performed by local residents, by taking the show on the road into the Loudoun community. We are proud to present quality, family-friendly entertainment.

On That Note is available for public and private performances, and enjoys performing in intimate settings as well as larger venues. Shows are typically about 60 to 75 minutes in length, and can be presented with or without an intermission. Flat fee and shared ticket sales options are available, with all proceeds benefiting The Sterling Playmakers.

Make your next party or event extra-special with live music presented by this cast of professional-quality singers!

Let us entertain you for parties, company events, meetings, retirement communities, wineries, breweries, and more!

See our Audition Q&A below. For more information, email us at otn@sterlingplaymakers.com or call us at 571-645-5OTN (571-645-5686).


2017 Cast: Amy Lindsay Litteral (Director), Shanna Christian (Producer), Joe Christian (Technical Director), Gregg Carter, Jimmy Collinson, John Geddie, Susan Kronenberg, Ellen Price, Terry Randall, Amanda Schrider, Tim Silk,  and Jeffrey Wichman. Accompanists Becki Jones, Lee Larsen, and Jeremy Shoop.

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Audition Q&A

When can I audition?
We hold open auditions once per year or by appointment during the season. Please email us at OTN@sterlingplaymakers.com to schedule an audition appointment.

How many spots are open?
Our ideal group size is 12 to 14 singers, equally divided between men and women. Members may rotate out occasionally, so even if we do not currently have a need, we still invite singers to audition for future openings. It is important in this group to keep a balance of different vocal styles, ranges and types of performers.

What will I need to perform at the audition?
We ask that you prepare a ballad and an upbeat number that showcase your vocal range. We will also ask you for a cold reading, which will be provided at the time of audition. We do not ask for a dance audition.

Will there be an accompanist?
Yes. Please bring a copy of your sheet music for the accompanist, with any cuts marked in advance.

Should I prepare to sing whole songs? Or just a short selection from each song?
We prefer singers prepare their entire song for the audition, though it’s possible that they may get stopped part way through. We prefer to listen to the entire performance because it gives us a chance to fully evaluate a singer’s performance skills. In the case of a song with multiple, but similar verses, we may ask for a cut.

What is the rehearsal schedule?
The group typically meets on weekday evenings, usually at 7 or 7:30pm. The nights change each week, and the number of rehearsals each week increases as we get closer to our first performance of a new program, much like quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html, mounting a stage show. Not everyone is called for every rehearsal, and sometimes only for part of a rehearsal. Weekend rehearsals may be added if needed. Singers are expected to work on music on their own outside of rehearsal, to reduce the amount of time spent in group rehearsals. Once we are up and running, we drop to pick up rehearsals.

When are the performances?
We are currently scheduling performances for April through November 2017. It is not necessary for all singers to be available for all performances, and as gigs come along we typically check with the cast to see how many we have available.

If I am cast in On That Note, will this prevent me from auditioning for/being cast in other productions?
No, we are designed to work around other productions. We do ask that you take the OTN rehearsal and performance schedule into consideration when listing conflicts during auditions; however, we are willing to work with you to manage your schedule.

Do I need to be a member of the Sterling Playmakers to audition?
You do not need to be a member to audition; however, if you are selected for On That Note you will need to become a member at the first rehearsal.

Is there an age limit?
Performers must be aged 25 or older.